No Male Flowers on Cucumber Plant | Should I Worry?

No male flowers on cucumber plant

Most of the plants need male and female flowers for pollination. But, some of the plants in nature don’t need male or female flowers for pollinating because they have a self-pollinated system. Most of the plants are pollinated by bees, similar plants, and others.

No male flowers on cucumber plant mean you have hybrid varieties of cucumbers which are usually seedless types of plants. The hybrid cucumber plant is ready to produce only female flowers. Similarly, they produce fruits without any pollination. So, you don’t need to think about male cucumber plants for pollinating, growing, and producing fruits when you plant gynoecious, hybrid, and parthenocarpic varieties.

But, how can you understand that you have a hybrid cucumber plant? This article provides you with a clear answer about this matter. Moreover, you will also discover some other related answers that you should not miss.

No Male Flowers on Cucumber Plant

There are different types of cucumber plants have in worldwide. Some of them don’t need pollination. If you find only female cucumber plants in your garden, it means that your cucumber plant is hybrid and parthenocarpic.

Hybrid and parthenocarpic cucumber plants don’t need pollination. So, you don’t worry about the male flower on the cucumber plant for pollination and growing fruits.

Even, you should not try to grow male cucumber plants in the garden because there is no need to plant male plants. Male cucumber plants don’t add any value to your garden when you have hybrid or parthenocarpic cucumber plants.

But, if your cucumber plant is not hybrid or parthenocarpic, it is a worrying situation for you. In this situation, you should collect the male plant or arrange the female cucumber plant for pollination to produce fruits, and flowers, and grow faster.

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Why Is My Cucumber Plant Only Producing Female Flowers?

If your cucumber plant only produces female flowers that means the plants are coming from parthenocarpic, gynoecious, or hybrid varieties. Cucumbers have different types of varieties and are also divided by pollination.

Similarly, these varieties of cucumber plants only produce female flowers and they don’t need pollination because of self-pollination. They only concerning to produce fruits and growing faster.

From these three varieties of cucumber plants, you will discover lots of fruits from time to time. So, if you think that you need to produce cucumber for business purposes, you can go for these three varieties to produce more and more fruits.

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How Can I Understand That My Cucumber Plant Male or Female?

To find out whether the cucumber plant is male or female, you should apply some points on the plants to easily find out. There have some symptoms which make them different from each other. Check out the following points to understand whether your cucumber plant is male or female.

Male Cucumber Plant Symptoms

The male cucumber plant comes with mature bloom. Moreover, the male cucumber plant grows thinner than the female cucumber plant. The stem of a male plant looks small and thinner than a female plant. It is the core reason which helps you to easily find out male cucumber plants.

Female Cucumber Plant Symptoms

The female cucumber plant looks yellow in colour. It looks like a small immature and growing behind it. Female flowers have immature bloom, which is known as an ovary. Unlike male cucumber plants, the female plant comes with a longer stem and grows faster.

Male Cucumber PlantFemale Cumber Plant
Grow with thinner stemGrow with large size stem
Mature flower bloomGrow with large-size stem
Malde cucumber never produce fruits, flowers, and othersFemale cucumber plants are ready to produce fruits, flowers, etc.
Malde cucumber never produces fruits, flowers, and othersThere have a number of varieties based on pollination, fruits, etc

How Do Cucumbers Pollinate Without Male Flowers?

There have some varieties of cucumber plants which don’t need male flowers for pollination. But, how do they produce fruits when they don’t pollinate? It is a wrong concept that they don’t pollinate. They pollinated by themself.

There are three varieties I found which don’t need external pollinators for pollinating. For example, gynoecious, hybrid, and parthenocarpic don’t need pollinators. On the other hand, they only produce female flowers and concerning to produce fruits as well as flowers.

So, if your garden has these cucumber plants varieties, you don’t need to worry about pollination and collect male flowers for pollination. You just need to increase the fertilizer so that the plants get enough nutrition to grow fruits.

How to Pollinate Cucumbers Without Male Flowers?

You don’t need to pollinate cucumber plants with male flowers when it comes to gynoecious, hybrid, and parthenocarpic varieties. First of all, you need to understand which variety your cucumber plants are.

Because these types of plants don’t need male flowers for pollination. The cucumber plants of these varieties have self-pollination power. Even, you don’t need to plant male cucumber plants for pollination.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do all cucumber plants have male flowers?

Answer: The answer is no. All of the cucumber plants haven’t male flowers. Some of the varieties of cucumber plants only produce female flowers. Moreover, they don’t need any pollination for making fruits and flowers. You just need to identify the origin of the cucumber plants to grow male or female plants in the garden.

Q: Why are my cucumbers flowering but not fruiting?

Answer: If your cucumber is flowering but not fruiting, you need to understand that your cucumbers lack pollination. You have to manage male or other pollinators for producing fruits. Similarly, you should also check out your cucumber plants that it is female. Because, sometimes people don’t understand that they have male cucumbers which don’t produce fruits.

Q: Do male flowers come first on a cucumber plant?

Answer: There is no rule set that the first cucumber plant flowers become male. But, most of the time, the first cucumber plants come with males. It would be a better option for you to check out the flower male or female. However, you can check out the above guideline or chart to check out whether the flower is male or female.

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