How Long Does It Take for Thyme to Sprout? [Real Life Information]

how long does it take for thyme to sprout

Thyme is a slow-growing plant. Based on some of the factors, the garden experts take some ideas about the time of growing the thyme to sprout. Most of the weather in the area is not suitable for thyme to grow properly.

So, how long does it take for thyme to sprout? Typically, it takes nearly 2-weeks. It is the maximum time which you need to wait. But, if you keep the thyme indoors and provide enough water, sunlight, fertilizer, and care for it properly, it may take 1.5 weeks to sprout.

This article helps you to get an accurate idea about the time thyme actually takes to sprout. Moreover, you will also get some tips and tricks to grow thyme to sprout faster.

How Long Does It Take for Thyme to Sprout?

The time of thyme to sprout depends on several factors. Their growth is also slow because of moisture, weather, and humidity. Moreover, the soil condition, thyme condition, and other factors also worked here.

According to my experience, the majority of thyme takes 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks become sprout. In my indoor garden, I made the thyme sprout after waiting 17 days.

To grow thyme faster to sprout, you must prepare the soil properly. You have to check out the soil’s PH level and provide enough fertilizer to get fast-growing performance.

Similarly, you should purchase quality thyme to get a fast sprout. A person needs to purchase high-quality thyme to get good sprouts and fast sprouts without facing any troubles.

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Why Is My Thyme Not Sprouting?

Thyme turns into sprouts slowly. If your thyme is not sprouted after waiting 2 weeks, you need to understand that something is wrong. However, check out the following reasons and take proper action to turn the thyme sprout fast.

  • Overwatering

This is a big problem when you plant thyme indoors or in a pot—overwatering kills the roots and doesn’t help the plant get enough nutrition and other elements. If your thyme comes with overwater, you need to take proper action to fix the problem.

  • Bad Soil Condition

This is another reason which doesn’t help the thyme to grow sprout. Bad soil means the soil comes with high or lower PH. PH 7 is perfect for the soil. If the PH level is high or low, you should take proper action to fix the problem.

  • Lack of Fertilizer

When you prepare the soil, you should need to ensure that your soil comes with enough fertilizer. It boosts the thyme to turn into sprout faster. Note you should also avoid using over-fertilizer because fertilizer kills thyme.

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Is Thyme Difficult to Grow from Seed?

Most of the time, thyme comes from divisions or cuttings, which is the main reason for making thyme growth difficult from seeds. Though it is not only a reason, you will also discover other reasons too.

For example, overwatering and lack of fertilizer cause this problem. On the other hand, excess moisture and humidity are other reasons which make thyme growth from seeds difficult.

It would be better for you to contact a garden expert about this matter so that you can safely grow the thyme to the seeds without facing any problems.

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How to Grow Thyme from Cuttings?

If you want to grow your thyme from cuttings, you need to complete some simple steps. Before going through the main steps, you must collect quality thyme from another garden and purchase some composed fertilizer.

After collecting them, you can complete the following step-by-step guide. So, let’s get started.

  • Step 1: Prepare the soil properly. Mix the soil with composted fertilizer and check the PH level. Try to keep the soil PH level 7.
  • Step 2: Plant the thyme with a proper gap. It is truly important to keep the proper gap for fast growth.
  • Step 3: After planting the thyme, you should wait 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks. During this time, you should also care about the plant, like watering, pest or insect control, and so on.

These three steps are enough to row the thyme faster. If you are still confused and unable to grow thyme to seed or sprout, let me know using the following comment box.

Tips to Grow Thyme to Sprout Faster

  • First of all, you need to make a proper drain system so that water can easily come and go.
  • Secondly, make the soil properly. You can use a PH meter to measure the PH level so that thyme can get enough nutrition and grow faster.
  • Third, choose quality seeds so that they can grow faster and provides quality thyme
  • Finally, provide enough fertilizer and also use electric machines to control pests and insects.

Try to follow these tips and tricks to make the growing process easier and get fast-growing performance. You can also use a pot with a drain system when you need to plant thyme indoors.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is thyme slow-growing?

Answer: The answer is yes. Thymes are a slow-growing plant that grows slowly because of division or cutting part. Most of the thyme comes from cutting or division of parts which is the main cause of growing the thyme slowly.

Q: How can I make thyme grow faster?

Answer: If you want to make your thyme grow faster, you need to provide extra care and prepare all of the things perfectly. For example, you must provide enough water and be careful about overwatering. Similarly, provide enough fertilizer and sunlight.

Q: Does thyme do well in the heat?

Answer: Excess heat damage the thyme. On hot summer days, especially in spring, they are completely safe. But you need to be careful that the plant doesn’t come with excess heat.

Wrapping Up!

Turning thyme to sprout is a little bit tricky task. Because thyme is a slow-growing plant, we must properly care for them. However, thyme is always needed enough water and fertilizer. However, if you want to grow thyme to sprout, you need to maintain the above points and also provide them with enough care. You should also keep in mind the above tips and tricks to get faster growth.

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