What Does Corn Look Like When It First Starts Growing? [Stages & Looked]

what does corn look like when it first starts growing

Corn has multiple stages of growing properly. Each stage has a different shape and sign, which helps the users understand the growing situation of corn plants.

So, what does corn look like when it first starts growing? It looks like deep green color. Moreover, corn’s first-time growing sprouts look like flaky and dry skin. You will also identify the sprouts of corn to see their size. Unlike other plants, corn is larger, and there are no leaves on the plant.

These common signs help you identify the first way to start growing corn in your garden. However, this article helps you find out some other signs in detail so you can easily identify the first time growing corn sprouts.

What Does Corn Look Like When It First Starts Growing?

The first stage of corn is called VE, which is the emergence. This stage helps the users to understand that it is the first growth stage, and they need to take some proper steps. Whatever from this section, you will get some important points so that you can easily understand that your corn plant has now first started growing.

  • Looks Deep Green

When the corn first starts to grow, it looks like deep green color. This color helps people to understand that it is now the VE emergence stage. When the corn jumps to another stage, it changes color.

  • No Leaves

In this stage, you hardly find any leaves. Moreover, the plant’s coleoptile is fully visible this time and gradually produces leaves. If you find any leaves (rare), they are not fully developed.

  • Looks Small Size

When it first time grows, the corn looks smaller. But, it also looks bigger than some other plants like zucchini, potatoes, and others. So, you can easily find out the corn’s first stage than other plants in your garden.

These three points are enough to identify the first growing corn plant. If you are still confused, you can get help from an expert to easily find out.

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How Long Does Corn Take to Grow?

Corn is a non-self-pollination plant, and that’s why it takes much time to grow. However, you have to wait 2-3 months to get proper growth of your corn plant. Moreover, you will get the growing result faster if you care for the plant properly.

However, check out the following factors and try to apply them to your corn plant so that the plant grows faster and you will get fruits quickly. So, let’s get started.

  • Check out the water drain. Try to clean the water drain regularly and provides enough water.
  • Keep the PH of the soil balance and buy a PH meter to monitor the plant regularly.
  • Provide enough fertilizer. I would love to suggest you use composed fertilizer on your garden to get the growth faster.
  • Use chemicals or other things to control the pest and insects so that they can’t harm the plants.

These 4 points are enough to get the corn plant faster. Generally, you need to wait 2-3 months to get fruits from your corn plant.

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Corn growth stages by days

Corn has multiple stages, which are also indicators of the growth of your corn plant. However, check out the following table to get corn growth stages by day and easily understand your corn growth level.

VE4 to 5 Days
V1-V514 to 28 days
V6-V828 to 42 days
V9-V1142 to 56 days
VT56 to 70 days

This chart is enough to help you understand the multiple stages of the corn plant. You can also check out the following image to understand every stage of the corn.

Image source: Krugerseed

How Long Does It Take for Corn to Grow from Seed to Harvest?

Corn takes 90 to 120 days from seed to harvest. It is also called the seed to emergence stage. Corn has multiple stages of growth, each of which provides a different indicator.

Typically, you must wait nearly 90 to 120 days for proper results. But the result also depends on several factors like heat, fertilizer, water, weather, and so many things.

If you care for your corn properly, like providing enough water and fertilizer and keeping a balanced PH of the soil, you will get the harvest from seeds quickly.

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What Does Corn Look Like in the Early Stage?

The early stage of corn is called emergence (VE). In this stage, the corn plant looks deep green, and there are no leaves you will notice from this plant.

On the other hand, this stage of corn takes 4 to 5 days to jump to another stage. In this stage, the plant looks very small and takes less water.

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q What does corn look like on a plant?

Answer: It looks large in size and has a deep green color. You will also discover some other colors of the corn plant. Most importantly, you will discover some large leaves on the plants covering the fruits.

Q: What does corn look like before it’s ready?

Answer: It looks oily and milky. In this stage, the corn is perfect for picking. You can find the corn liquid before it’s ready. So, when you find corn liquid or milky, you can pick them up without facing any problems.

Wrapping Up!

Corn is a popular fruit plant in the garden industry. This plant is looked like different than some other plants. However, when it starts growing, you will find the corn deep green with no leaves and flaky looks. Moreover, you will also check out the above stages of corn to understand your corn plant signs and take proper action so that the corn plant grows much better.

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