What Happens If You Plant Corn Too Close Together? [4 Core Problems]

What happens if you plant corn too close together

Planting corn too close is not good practice. If you lack knowledge about corn plantation, you may plant the corn too close. There have some reasons why you should avoid planting corn too close together.

So, what happens if you plant corn too close together? When you plant corn too close together, you will be unable to get good performance from the corn. Moreover, over-pollination is another reason which happens when you closely plant corn. The corn will be leggy, and reducing the kernels is another issue you face when you plant corn too closely.

These are the main problems that your corn plant faces to plant close together. So, how far should you plant your corn, or what things do you need to keep in mind? Keep reading to get detailed answers.

What Happens If You Plant Corn Too Close Together?

When you plant your corn too close together, you will face some major issues. Check out the following problems in detail and get a clear concept about this matter.

  • Over Pollination Problem

Pollination is always important to growing fruits and growing plants. But, over-pollination is also harmful to the growth of the corn plant. When you plant corn trees much closer, they don’t complete pollination and grow slowly.

  • Corn Will Be Stunted

Corn plants are always tall. They also need proper sunlight to grow properly. But, when you plant corn too close together, they can’t get enough sunlight, creating several problems. Due to sunlight problems, corn grows with poor-quality kernels, which creates lots of issues.

  • Corn Will Be Laggy

You may know that corn is a tall plant and they need proper sunlight. However, when you plant corn closely together, they become laggy and weak stalks. It also avoids growing your plant, and that’s why you need to wait for a long-time to get enough growth for your corn plant.

  • The Soil Becomes too Dry or Too Wet.

When you plant the corn too close together, their root goes under the soil and grows a lot, making the soil too dry or too weighty. On the other hand, the PH level also destroys, and your garden soil may be lost its fertility.

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Why Is Corn Planted So Close Together?

Corn is not planted so close together. After growing the plant, they come closer. Why? Because corns are tall size and that’s why they look too closely at each other.

When the corn was planted so close together, they created several problems. For example, over-pollination, sunlight blocking, and so on. You can check out the above points to get a clear concept of this matter.

The main problem you will face slow growth when you plant them closely. The soil also lost its fertility, and you may need to check the PH level frequently. However, corn should be planted in block areas.

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How Far Apart Should Different Varieties of Corn Be Planted?

If you want to grow two different types of plants in your single garden, you need to keep at least a 250-feet gap from each of the plants. It is not fixed because there are several factors working here.

Similarly, if you want to plant two different varieties of corn in your single garden, you should keep 100 feet of space for cross-pollination.

Corns demand extra space because they are tall and need more space than some other plants. When you keep 100 feet of space from other varieties of corn, you can easily avoid pollination, sunlight, and other problems.

Moreover, you can also keep a custom space gap between two different varieties of corn plants. I would love to suggest you measure the garden size and then provide enough gap.

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How Many Corn Seeds Per Hole?

When I start to plant corn in my garden, I put three corn per hole. You can also put three corns seed per hole to get better performance.

When you put three corns per hole, you can easily avoid pollination, sunlight block, and other problems. Putting the right amount of corn seeds for cross-pollination is truly important.

In addition, you will also put 2 seeds per hole to get more quality performance. When you put 2 corn seeds per hole, they can easily complete the pollination and also grow properly.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How tight can you plant corn?

Answer: You should keep a proper gap to plant corn. It is essential to keep enough space between one corn seed to another. It helps the plant to get enough sunlight and complete the pollination. You can keep the 50-foot gap from each of the corn seeds to get better performance.

Q: How close together should corn be?

Answer: You should keep 30 to 36 inches between rows to plant the corn. This space is also customizable. There are different types of corn, and they also demand different spaces. However, if the corn becomes too long, you should keep on this gap between two corn.

Q: Can I plant 2 rows of corn?

Answer: Though 2 rows of corn plants are too closer, you can plant them to keep a 30-inches gap. It is essential to provide enough space to grow properly. However, some of the users also keep 20-inches space between 2 rows of corn without facing any troubles.

Q: How much corn grows on one plant?

Answer: Each corn plant grows one ear of corn. There are 600 kernels in each of the ears. Different types of corns plant produce different amounts of corn. However, you can go to a corn garden and get a real-life experience about this matter.

Wrapping Up!

Corn is a popular plant for the farmer and the gardener. Corns are tall and take up more space than other plants. However, when you plant them close together, they cannot get enough sunlight and finally stop growing properly. There are plenty of problems you will face when you closely plant them. Note you can keep a 20 to 30 inches gap for each of the corn plants.

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