Pepper Plant Flowers Turning Brown | 7 Core Reasons & Solutions

Pepper plant flowers turn brown

The pepper plant is sensitive and of course, you need to provide extra care to grow the plant properly. But, if you are unable to care for the pepper plant regularly, your pepper plant flowers or the pepper is damaged or attacked by other things.

Pepper plant flowers turn brown because of several reasons. The main causes are hot temperature or humidity problems. Moreover, the pepper plant flowers also turn brown because of lacking calcium, poor pollination, insect and pest attacks, and others.

These are the common causes. These issues not only make the flowers brown but also created other problems for the pepper plants. However, let’s discuss in detail the core causes and solve the issues without spending much time.

Pepper Plant Flowers Turning Brown (Causes & Solutions)

If you find your pepper plants flower brown in colour, you need to understand that there have something wrong. However, I am going to discuss 7 core reasons and solutions so that you can save the flowers as well as the plants.

1. Extreme Hot Temperature

First of all, the pepper plant doesn’t tolerate excess temperature. The plants need moderate temperatures for proper growth. Hot temperatures reduce the viability of the pollen that causes the brown colour flower of your pepper plant.

The pepper plant climate should be between 70 to 85 degrees F temperature. If the temperature becomes extremely hot, the leaves or other parts of the plants fall down.


To protect the pepper plant from hot temperatures, you can take some steps. Check out the following tips and applied them to protect the pepper plant from the excess hot temperature.

  • First of all, you need to provide enough water from time to time
  • Try to make a shade on the top of the pepper plant to reduce heat
  • Keep watering the oil at least two times a day

2. Poor Pollination

Pollination is always an important factor for plants. The pepper plant is not self-pollinated and it needs other things to complete the pollination. When the plants get lack pollination, they don’t get enough nutrition and other elements which makes the flowers brown and others.


To solve the pollination problem, you can open the space near the plant so that bees and other insects come out and complete the pollination. If possible, plant another pepper near your pepper tree.

3. Insects & Pests

Insects and pests created infections in the flowers and damaged the flowers. Some of the insects and pests created toxic elements on the flower which makes the flowers brown color and finally damaged the flowers.


You may not avoid insects and pests from your pepper plant. They naturally come out on your plant and love to eat the flowers. However, you can use pest and insect controllers or also use chemicals to avoid insects or pests.

4. Overfertilizing

Undoubtedly, fertiliser is essential for the pepper plant to grow properly and faster. But, overfertilizing is bad enough for the plant. Overfertilization means an increased PH of the soil and also damaged the ecosystem of the pepper plant.


You should avoid overfertilizing first from your pepper plant. If you already added extra fertilizer to the plant, you need to provide enough water and use other things to make a proper balance of fertilizer.

5. Mosaic Virus

Another common problem which attacks the pepper plants and their flower. They created infections in the flowers and make the flowers brown colour. They also damaged the flowers so that the plants don’t produce fruits.


To solve the problem, you can spray neem oil on the affected areas of the plant. It is a natural process and works much better to avoid brown colour issues and killed the Mosaic virus. You will also use another chemical which you will get from both online and offline markets.

6. Excessive Nitrogen

Excessive nitrogen means the pepper plant flowers become yellow in colour. But, sometimes I found brown colour. To know about the nitrogen amount, you can purchase a nitrogen measurement matter and check the plants.


In this situation, you can add fertilizer to solve the nitrogen problem. On the other hand, you can check out the PH level of the soil. If the soil comes with acidity, apply some phosphorus. Similarly, you can also add calcium based on the soil condition of your pepper plant.

7. Humidity Too High Or Low

Pepper plant needs 35% to 70% of humidity for proper growth and to keep them healthy. When the humidity becomes too low, the pollination created problems and the flower’s colour becomes brown. Moreover, too low or too high humidity drops the blossom also.


Pepper plant grows at an ideal temperature. You need to ensure that the humidity is enough and it is not too high or low. You can create shade or other things to avoid extreme or lower humidity.

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Why Is My Bell Pepper Plant Turning Brown?

Bell pepper plants turning brown because of several reasons. Though you will find plenty of reasons on the web, I am going to share with you my real-life experience. So, check out the following causes and take proper action to save your bell pepper plant from turning brown.

  1. Lacking pollination created a bell pepper plant brown colour
  2. Overfertilizing is another cause which makes the pepper plant brown
  3. Diseases and insects and pests problem
  4. The temperature is too high or too low

These are the main causes which make the bell pepper plant turn a brown colour. You have to protect the plant from these harmful things at any cost. You will also check out the above reasons and solutions to fix the issues.

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Why Do My Pepper Flowers Keep Dying?

The most common cause of pepper flowers dying due to high temperatures. Pepper plants tolerate a maximum of 85 degrees F temperature. When the plants come with high temperatures, they start to dry.

Besides high temperatures, the pepper plant also die because of overfertilizing, don’t provide enough water, poor pollination, and so on. Insects and pests are another two things which also the problem.

Note, you need to ensure that the PH level of the soil is perfect. Moreover, you will also need to check the nitrogen amount. Because excess nitrogen also dies the plants and makes the flowers brown.

What Happens When My Pepper Plant Flowers Turning Brown Color?

When your pepper plant flowers turn brown colour, you also need to understand that the plant lost’s its growing power. After that, the plant doesn’t produce fruit at any cost.

And finally, the plant dies. So, it is important to fix the brown colour flower problem to grow the plant and get enough fruits.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why are my pepper flowers turning brown?

Answer: Pepper plant flowers turn brown because of high temperatures. Moreover, too low or too high humidity created this problem. Furthermore, insects or pests also created infections on the flowers and make the flowers brown.

Q: Should I cut the flowers off my pepper plants?

Answer: When the flowers come with infections and turn the colour brown, you should cut the pepper plants affected flowers. Moreover, you also need to take proper action to fix the problem so that other flowers will be safe.

Q: Do pepper plant flowers turn into peppers?

Answer: The answer is yes. Pepper plant flowers turn into peppers. But, you need to ensure that the flowers get enough nutrition or pollination. When the plant doesn’t get enough pollination, you may not get the fruits.

Wrapping Up!

Pepper plants always love to stay at the ideal temperature. They can’t tolerate high temperatures. When they come with high temperatures, the flower turns brown colour. On the other hand, overfertilize, poor pollination, virus, insect, pests, and so many things make the flowers brown. I would love to suggest you follow the above solutions to solve the brown colour flowers problem.

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