Chilli Plant Flowers Turning Brown | Causes & Solutions

Chilli plant flowers turning brown

It is not a common matter that chilli plant flowers change color. When the plant’s flowers change color, you need to understand that something is wrong. So, why are your chilli plant flowers turning brown?

First, the chlili plant flowers change the color brown because of excess heat or hot temperature. Moreover, the flower’s color will brown when the plants don’t get proper pollination. This condition is known as blossom end rot. Calcium deficiency is another cause that makes the color of the flowers brown.

These are common and core reasons that I found from my research. After getting the problems, how can you fix them? Here, you will discover multiple effective solutions. So, stay connected.

Chilli Plant Flowers Turning Brown (Reasons)

There are plenty of reasons have which makes the chilli plant flowers brown in color. I found some core reasons that are the main culprit in changing the color.

Hot Temperature

You may know that chilli plants can’t tolerate the excess temperature. Chilli plants love to stay in the shade. But, when it comes to hot weather or excess temperature, the plant doesn’t grow properly and stops to work its function.

In this situation, the flowers change color and turn brown color. It means you must take proper action to reduce the temperature or plant the tree in other areas.

Pollination Problem

Chilli is not a self-pollinated plant. They completed their pollination by birds, bees, and other insects. When it is unable to complete the pollination, several problems occur on the plant and change the flower’s colors like brown.

Calcium Deficiency

This is another problem that makes the chilli plant flowers brown in color. You can purchase a calcium measurement from the market to know the accuracy of chilli calcium. To discover this problem, you will also measure the other symptoms like flowers’ color change, slow growth, and others.


When your chilli plant comes with the disease, it is common for the plant flowers to change color. Especially, the flowers change the color and make it brown. So, try to find out the diseases and take proper action to save the plant from diseases.

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How to Fix Chilli Plant Flowers, Turning Brown?

Now, you have 4 core reasons that make the chilli plant flowers brown. After finding these problems, you must take enough action to keep the plants and flowers safe.

In this section, I will share with you 4 effective solutions that are less costly. So, let’s get started.

Reduce the Temperature

First of all, you need to check out the temperature. If you feel that the temperature is much higher, you can create shade on the plant. You will use polythene or other things to make the shadow. Moreover, don’t forget to provide enough water regularly on the plant.

Pollination Solution

This is the main reason why chilli flowers change color and make the flowers brown. You have to arrange pollination. It would help if you opened the area so birds, bees, and other insects easily emerge. Plant another chilli tree so that it can complete the pollination easily.

Calcium Deficiency Solution

Purchase a calcium measurement meter first. You will purchase the meter from both online and offline shops. If the calcium is lacking, you need to provide the plant calcium to save the plant and don’t change the color of the flowers.

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Tips to Protect the Chilli Plant Flowers from Turning Brown

Here, you will get some tips and tricks that will help you keep your chilli plant safe and don’t turn the color of the flowers brown. Make sure that you follow the below tips for your chilli plants.

  • Try to plant your chilli tree in a place where sunshine doesn’t come directly
  • Make sure that you provide water properly and regularly
  • Use fertilizer from time to time so that the plant gets enough nutrition
  • If you don’t understand anything, you can contact a garden expert or plant expert to fix the problem.

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why are my chilli flowers turning brown?

Answer: When the chilli plant flowers turn brown, it means that the plant doesn’t complete the pollination properly. Moreover, hot temperatures and lack of calcium are other reasons which turn the chilli flowers brown.

Q: What is the best fertilizer for chilli plants?

Answer: Compost is one of the best fertilizers for chilli plants. You can also use horse manure fertilizer for your chilli plant without facing any problems. I would love to suggest you use compost fertilizer for your chilli plants to get better growth.

Wrapping Up!

Pollination, hot weather, disease, and lack of calcium are the main culprits that brown the chilli plant flowers. These problems also created other issues like don’t produce fruits, growing slowly, and others. So, you have to fix the problem as soon as possible. If the above solutions are unable to fix your problem, you will contact an expert to fix your problems.

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