Strawberry Leaves Yellow with Green Veins | Causes & Effective Solutions

Strawberry leaves yellow with green veins

Recently, I found my strawberry plant leaves have become yellow with green veins. It looks like near the death of the leaves. Changing the leaf’s color is always alarming, and we have to find out the problems to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Strawberry leaves yellow with green veins because of iron chlorosis. When the leaves don’t obtain iron, this problem comes out. Iron provides chlorophyll which keeps the leaves green. Moreover, some diseases also make the strawberry leaves yellow with green veins.

Now, you have a little idea about turning the color yellow on the leaves. But how can you fix the problem, or which thing should you keep in mind to avoid this problem? Keep reading to get an effective solution.

Strawberry Leaves Yellow with Green Veins

Generally, I found two things that make the strawberry leaves yellow and green veins. After finding these two problems, I also fixed the problem without facing any troubles. So, what are the main culprits I found in changing the color of the leaves?

First, iron chlorosis is the main culprit, which makes the strawberry green color yellow color. Moreover, this problem also created the dark green color problem. When your plants don’t get iron properly, you may face this problem.

Second, the PH of the soil is another important factor. When the PH goes above 7, it means that your soil comes with a sulfur problem. In this situation, you have to down the PH 7 and check out the other soil factors.

These two problems created yellow leaves of the strawberry plants. They are rear, but when they come into your garden, you have to fix the problem. So, What do yellow leaves with green veins mean? Iron chlorosis and above 7 PH soil are the main indicators that turn the leaf’s color yellow.

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How Do You Fix Yellow Leaves with Green Veins?

Now, you have enough information about the problems which make the green leaves yellow. Of course, iron chlorosis and above PH 7 are the main culprits which cause the problem.

In this situation, you have to fix these two problems to save the plant. Check out the following two solutions step-by-step.

First of all, you can apply  Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate) to fix the problem. Moreover, you will also apply iron to the soil to save the plant without facing any troubles. But make sure that you apply the iron with the proper amount. Because, overusing iron ruins the ecosystem of the soil.

Secondly, make sure that the soil doesn’t go above PH 7. If you think that your garden soil PH is cross 7, you need to apply some fertilizer that controls the PH and down it. You will get the chemicals from the market to control the soil PH.

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How to Tell If Yellow Leaves Are from Overwatering or Underwatering?

It is true that overwatering or underwatering makes the leaves yellow in color. But how can you understand that the yellow color comes from overwatering or underwatering? Check out the following indicators to get a clear idea about that.

  • When the plants come under, overwatering or underwatering, it starts to create brown color first.
  • Moreover, the leaves look liked crispy and light.
  • Furthermore, the growth of the leaves failed, and they fell down.
  • After completing the above condition, the leaves change color and make yellow.

It is little bit tricky to tell you that the leaves turn yellow because of underwatering. You have to focus on other parameters to understand that clearly.

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How to Protect Strawberry Leaves from Iron Chlorosis?

If you want to protect your strawberry leaves from iron chlorosis, you have to focus on two areas such as iron and PH. These two factors are truly important to protect the strawberry leaves or fruits of the strawberry.

Well, you should apply enough iron to the soil of the plants. Because, of the lack of ironing, the leaves turn yellow and also dark green. You can purchase an iron checker tool to check out the iron level and make the right decision.

On the other hand, you should check out the PH of your plant soil. If the PH is above 7, it means that it comes with a sulfur problem. You need to apply some fertilizer which reduces PH. You will check out both online and offline markets to get the fertilizer.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why are some of my strawberry leaves yellow?

Answer: Most of the time, strawberry leaves become yellow because of iron chlorosis and the high PH of the soil. These two problems also affect the strawberry fruits. So, you need to fix the problems as soon as possible to save your strawberry plant.

Q: How do you treat yellow vein chlorosis?

Answer: There have two easy solutions to treat yellow vein chlorosis. For example, you can use iron and another one to control PH. When the soil PH goes above 7, it means that the soil comes with sulfur which turns the leaves yellow and also damages the fruits.

Q: What deficiency causes yellow leaf veins?

Answer: Manganese, iron, or magnesium are the main deficiency that causes yellow leaf veins. Most of the time, you face iron issues. On the other hand, above PH 7 also causes yellow leaf veins. Because above PH 7 means sulfur, you need to reduce it to solve the problem.

Wrapping Up!

Turing strawberry leaves yellow with green veins means your strawberry will die. These problems come from iron chlorosis and above PH 7. These two problems are also easy to solve. I would love to suggest you check out the above solution to solve the issue. After applying them, you should successfully fix the problem. But, if you fail to solve the problem, you can take help from a garden expert.

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