Cut Seed Potatoes Turned Black | What Are the Reasons & Solutions

Cut seed potatoes turned black

Making seeds by cutting potatoes is a common thing. But, you may not store cutting seeds for a long-time because it comes with several viruses, bacteria, and moisture that damage the seeds of the potatoes.

Cut seed potatoes turned black means the seeds were attacked by oxygen or exposure to air and black spot bruising. When your potatoes cutting seeds turn black, you need to understand that the seeds come with serious conditions (almost death), and you have to take proper action.

These two reasons are the common reasons which make the cut-seed black. So, how can you fix the problem and always avoid this problem by making cuts-seed potatoes? Stay connected to get A to Z information about this matter.

Cut Seed Potatoes Turned Black

When you want to make cut-seed potatoes, you should keep in mind several things, otherwise; you will face black color or other problems. Exposed air, moisture, oxygen, and black spot bruising are the main culprit which turns the seed black.

When the potatoes come with this problem, you need to understand that the seeds don’t produce sprout and it is unable to cultivate.

Most of the time, exposed air creates a layer on the cutting area, producing several things that make the potato’s seed black. So, you have to find out other problems and solve the problem as soon as possible to solve it.

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Why Are My Potatoes Turning Black After Cutting?

I found two major problems: turning the potatoes black after cutting. Though the black does not come instantly, you will easily store the potatoes for a long time when you store them in the right place.

First of all, the cutting potatoes turn black because of exposed air. It is a major problem that also affects other vegetables. Exposing air and moisture creates a layer and helps the virus grow on the potatoes.


You have to store the cut potatoes in the right place. Select the place in a way that the air doesn’t come out. Moreover, you have to block sunshine so that it can’t affect the cutting of potatoes.

Oxygen & Moisture

This is another problem which I found to make the cutting potatoes black. Oxygen and moisture easily affect the cutting areas of the potatoes. So, you have to save your cutting potatoes from oxygen and moisture.


Like expose air solution, you should also fix a place where air and sunshine don’t come. Of course, you have to store the potatoes in a dry place to get better performance.

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Why Do Potatoes Turn Black When Exposed to Air?

It is natural that exposed air comes out and damages the seeds, especially potato cutting seeds. It is called oxidation. Exposed air is not only affected your potatoes but also affects other vegetables.

When exposed turn into oxygen, the seeds, like potatoes, turn different colors. Besides black color, you will also find gray, black, and even brown colors. Different colors have different indicators to know the problems of the seed.

If the potatoes come with exposed air and turn the color black, you have to understand that the seeds are affected by heavy exposed air. In this situation, you have to solve the problem.


To solve the problem, I applied short of water and acid. I mixed them properly and sprayed them on the potatoes’ cutting seeds, and it worked much better.

On the other hand, you will also use 1 gallon of water and 1 tablespoon to apply on the affected areas. It is also natural and safe to use.

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How Do You Keep Potatoes from Turning Black?

If you want to keep your potatoes from turning black, you have to keep in mind several factors. So, check out the following list of the factors to keep your potatoes or potato seeds turning black.

  • Store the potatoes in a place where exposed air, oxygen, and sunshine don’t come out.
  • Check out damaged potatoes and remove them as fast as possible
  • Make sure that the oxidation is not excessive
  • Try to spray a little bit of lemon juice and vinegar

You will also take help from an agricultural expert about this matter. Because the black color indicates that your potatoes are near death or the seeds are near death.

How Do You Know If Seed Potatoes Have Gone Bad?

If your potato’s seed goes bad, you will find the seed’s color changes. Most of the time, bad seeds come in black, brown, and some other color. On the other hand, the natural color of seed potatoes is also lost.

Similarly, bad potato seeds never become sprout and produce a bad smell. Even some of the bad potato seeds produce bad water and come with several holes inside the potatoes.

These core indicators help you understand whether your potato’s seeds are good or bad. However, you will also contact me to know more detailed answers about this matter.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why do potatoes go black inside?

Answer: There are three reasons worked here. First of all, exposed air makes the potato seeds black. Moreover, oxygen and moisture also created the problem. You will find other colors besides the black color, like brown or yellow.

Q: Are potatoes with black Scurf safe to eat?

Answer: The answer is yes. You can easily eat black scurf potatoes without facing any problems. On the other hand, you can’t cultivate black scurf potatoes because it is already affected by disease and doesn’t capable of producing enough potatoes.

Q: What are the black spots on seed potatoes?

Answer: Black sports are a type of disease affecting the potatoes’ roots. Moreover, it doesn’t help the potatoes produce sprouts. Though it is not suitable to cultivate this type of potato seed, you can eat the potatoes without getting any problems.

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